• 2013

To optimally integrate the project into context, we note the following principles:
1. achieving a volume to continue lined street front row houses that start from the railway station.
This configuration has the advantage that left open the riverside area thus generating a riverside park connected with riparian vegetation. Another technical advantage is that due to the higher groundwater the buildings are far from the river bed and the foundation could made be easier.
The possibility of using this park for heating water heat pump, water-water or land-water.
This park also serves as a sound barrier to the railway.
2. we wanted to create permeable volume so we split into sections connected by glass walkways. This leads to the development of sections witch fit the city scale.
3. considering organic character of the city we considered appropriate the alternating of the volume so we started from the cornice height of neighboring houses and I alternated each section
4. achieve a comfortable pedestrian sidewalk by withdrawing the three volumes of it resulting in a large sidewalk. So we managed to keep the existing plantation along the road Quai de l’industry.