• 2012

The concept was built on two principal arguments:

The execution of a small representative square on the conjuction of the Zlovenska and Soiova streets for resting, waiting and relaxing. At the same time, it appears a functional strong bond between the town and the library, especially the two arteries Slovenska and Zoisova with Askerceva connect important functions of the town.

From this small square starts the principal acces to NUKKII building, as well as to pedestrian path reaching to French Revolution Square.

The arranging of functions according to “cardo” and “decumanus” configuration.

The library functions gravitate around the two axes C and D transformed into a representative atrium, so that the atrium becomes a polyvalent space, making the connection between the three blocks and enlightening them.

We thought that’s necessary to keep the area with the ruins free of functions, excepting the café and the club, thereby we organized the access area at the first floor located at +250 benchmark.

The main horizontal end vertical circulations between the three blocks are made over the”cardo” and “decumanus” layouts.

We created an iconic image that could be easily recognized, so that becoming an aiming point in town. Actually the line of the main façade can be used as a logo easy to recognize.

For saving the energy, we limited the atrium to three levels. The windows will have a system of blinds integrated into the PVC-based panel, being activated in a centralized way based on solar radiation.

For the stock building the stained glass area was kept to the minimum for saving the energy and the stained glass were laid on copper plate or perforated corten like that from the pictures below

From the structural point of view, the building is composed of three blocks on the reinforced concrete structure with BubbleDeck floors connected over “cardo” and “decumanus” zones with metallic floors.