Car syncronise offers the posibility to syncronise the smartphone with the onboard computer of your car in order to acquire vital information about the car’s behavior.

You can check the fuel, oil, tire pressures, etc. from the comfort of your home just by using your smartphone.

You can start the car, set the interior temperature and plan meetings without being caught by surprise by an empty tank, being warned in advance by phone.
By doing that, we aim to improve the car’s performance in a world where fuel economy is a hot topic.

Analyse and compare the behavior of your car during a certain period of time. This function can help fuel economy and improve your driving skill.
Use your smartphone to send vital information. If you are involved in an accident which causes the airbags to pop up, the smartphone sends an SMS to programmed numbers or emergency services, informing them of your location.

Warning lights are nothing new, but the messages are.What do you do when you don’t recognise them?

Many dash lights indicate that a fault has occured inside the vehicle’s system, but it does not pinpoint the item or system that has failed. In this case, a smartphone which can provide the proper information is a very useful tool.